If you have a Snowy Ridge golden retriever send us a picture and tell us what makes your Golden  so special to you!


RIO   (Abby-Finn 2012)


Dennis & Allison,
Just want to start out by saying how pleased we are with Rio.   You did a wonderful job of breeding and starting these puppies out right.   Thank you so much!
Rio is a wonderful addition to our family.   He is very smart, funny and incredibly handsome – sounds like the perfect man!!   He did very well in puppy kindergarten, basic manners class and now we are in intermediate obedience classes.He is definitely the ‘teacher’s pet’.   He catches on really fast.

   RIO 1 yr.  

Riley (Abby-Finn 2012)

Dakota (Abby-Finn 2012)

   Dakota 1 Yr.

Milly (Abby-Finn 2012)

Milly 1 yr Later

Katy (Abby-Finn 2012)

River (Abby-Finn 2012)

River Dec 2013 (Abby – Finn 2012)

Lolli   (Abby-Finn 2012)

Lolli 10 Months, Obedience Ribbon. Nice job!!!!

Annie (Abby-Finn 2013)

Riggs 9 Months (Abby-Finn 2013)

Riggs Sep 2014

Rusty IV at 4 months (Abby/Finn 2013)


Hi Dennis & Allison,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for Rusty IV. He had his four month check up today with Dr. Heidi Wampler at Alpine Animal Clinic and she was quite impressed with him. It seems that any offspring of Abby’s, receives immediate special attention! Abby has won the hearts of every member of their staff which helps me understand how Rusty is such a wonderful pup.

Rusty is everything in a dog that I could have imagined or hoped for. Even though he is still a pup, he learns very quickly and is so eager to please. I simply adore him! I requested a Golden as a gentle companion to share the coming “golden” years with, and did you ever deliver! He gets along well with all of the grand-kids and has even made a special friend of our cat Panda. Thank you for all the hard work you put into your breeding program and the loving care you give to the pups before passing them along for our enjoyment.



Poppy   (Abby/Finn 2014)


Maddie (Abby/Finn 2014)

Casey (Abby/Finn 2014)  in Halle, Germany



Truman (Tana/Canuck 2015) Bozeman MT